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The instructor reserves the right to update this syllabus as class needs arise. Be assured that any changes to the schedule, syllabus, or policies will be communicated to you quickly and efficiently.

Course Description​

This course develops fundamental knowledge and skills related to data technologies and will introduce students to basic data manipulation, reporting, and visualization using popular software tools. Hands-on active learning required.


  • IT2053C - Data Technologies Programming; which had the following prerequisites
    • IT1090C - Computer Programming I
    • IT2060C - Database Management I

You are expected to demonstrate knowledge, understanding, and skill in the topics covered in the prerequisite courses. Make sure to refresh on your knowledge as we will be building on it in this class.

Learning outcomes​

Upon the completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  1. Identify use cases for the different data technologies
  2. Discuss categories and tools of the various data-related operations
  3. Discuss the various data technologies algorithms and their usage
  4. Use data technologies tools to create and manage data flows
  5. Implement a data analysis system using multiple data technologies

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