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💯 Guidelines for Assignments


For all of the labs. There are certain expectations and guidelines for all submissions:

  • Robustness: Your primary task is to create a working, robust program. This means that your code should produce correct output given the provided instructions. The automated graders (if they exist for the assignment) should cover that to an extent. Make sure your submissions pass the automated grading, This doesn't guarantee robustness, but it's a good start!

    • If you identify a test case that's not captured by the current test suites, you're welcome to "Add" additional test cases for extra credit points.
  • Coding clearly and cleanly: You should always make an effort to write code that is easy for other people to read. Coding In the real world, this is an important skill that is valued higher than cleverness or using the least number of lines/characters possible. In this class, it is important so that we can understand your code and grade it fairly.

  • Commenting: Generally, your code should be self-documenting; that is, a reader should be to understand your program without having to rely on comments too much. This can be achieved by using clear and descriptive variable and function names. For the most part, commenting should be like writing English sentences. Comments should only be used where a business complexity exist that can't be self-explained via the code itself.

  • Working Individually vs. Working with others: As mentioned in the syllabus' Need Help Section, I encourage partnering up with your fellow classmates and forming study groups. However for Academic Integrity, you'll need to cite the individuals you work with in your README. Each student must submit their work individually; your work should reflect your own understanding of the materials. I don't not expect to see the same code from multiple submissions.

Following instructions: You're expected to follow the assignment instructions closely. Including the Submissions instructions and procedures. The instructor may not grade the assignment it if doesn't follow the instructions.

  • I encourage trying different approaches then the one provided by the instructions; Make sure you understand the end outcome of the requirements before you try your way, though.


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